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Our POPSafeTM product portfolio solves accidental ventilator breathing tube disconnects

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Tracheostomy tube sets

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Tracheostomy tube sets

Create the Future
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The Problem

Clinical Pop-off

Patients die due to poor product design. Ventilator-dependent tracheostomy patients frequently experience accidental ventilator disconnect between the tracheostomy tube and the ventilator; a deadly problem known clinically as “pop-off”. This issue occurs multiple times per day, sometimes every hour, for some patients. Hospital clinicians have stated that ventilator-dependent patients must stay in the Critical Care Unit (CCU) or the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to have someone within reach to immediately reconnect the breathing tube to the ventilator when it pops off. If not reconnected within two to four minutes, the patient may die, or suffer catastrophic (permanent) lung and/or brain injury.

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Our Solution
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Tracheostomy tube set

“There are no pop-offs with POPSafeTM!”

Our patente​d POPSafe™ Tracheostomy Tube Set eliminates deadly ventilator disconnect “pop off” events. POPSafe™ addresses the failure root cause of accidental ventilator disconnections. The POPSafe™ Tracheostomy Tube Sets will be the first and only FDA 510(k) cleared tracheostomy tube sets which include our patented elbow connector and our patented over-pressure relief safety valve. POPSafe™ is positioned to be a game-changer for ventilator-dependent patients in this $1.2B US market because “There are no pop-offs with POPSafe™!”

Smart Bridge Medical Product Portfolio Pipeline
Smart Bridge Medical Product Portfolio Pipeline
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Endotracheal tube set

The Problem

Patients undergoing surgery may experience an accidental endotracheal tube disconnection from the anesthesia / ventilator breathing circuit. This dangerous accidental disconnect is known clinically as “pop-off”.  When a “pop-off” disconnection occurs, the patient may suffer serious, permanent injury or death due to inadequate sedation and oxygenation. 

Our Solution

The POPSafe™ Endotracheal Tube Set (POPSafe™ ETT) is a patented medical device set that eliminates dangerous accidental anesthesia/ventilator “pop-off” disconnection events. Our POPSafe™ Endotracheal Tube Set is the only product addresses the failure root cause of accidental anesthesia/ventilator breathing circuit disconnections. Our POPSafe™ Endotracheal Tube Sets will be the first and only FDA 510(k) cleared endotracheal tubes which include our validated, patented ventilator elbow connector and patented over-pressure relief safety valve. POPSafe™ is a next-generation endotracheal tube device intended to prevent dangerous, accidental anesthesia/ventilator “pop-off” events.

About Us

Smart Bridge Medical, Inc. is a woman founded startup company that solves dangerous, overlooked unmet clinical needs. We bring innovative medical solutions to market – Fast. Complete. Compliant. Our leadership team consists of seasoned C-suite medical device executives who have developed and commercialized over $7B in global medical device revenues. Our team brings a collective 100+ years of medical device industry experience. We invent, design, develop, validate and commercialize safer medical device solutions for clinicians and their patients. Our first respiratory device solution (POPSafe™) is geared towards solving accidental ventilator disconnects between a patient’s tracheostomy tube and their ventilator; a deadly problem known clinically as “pop-off”. We have expanded our patented POPSafe™ product portfolio to eliminate both tracheostomy tube (TT) and endotracheal tube (ET) “pop-off” events.
Kay Fuller

Kay Fuller, RAC

President & Co-Founder

Lyn Charron-Keller

Lyne Charron-Keller, RN


Colleen Spencer

Colleen Spencer, MBA, CPA


Steve White

Steve White, Ph.D.


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Board of Advisors
Jeffrey Colton

Jeffrey Colton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Clinical Advisor

Alexander Arrow

Alexander Arrow, M.D., C.F.A.

Business Advisor

Steven Buchman

Steven Buchman, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Clinical Advisor

James Starkey

James Starkey, R.R.T.

Clinical Advisor



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